MediEvil is getting a Remaster for ps4

it's taking placeplaystation is bringing lower back Sir Daniel Fortesque with yet another PS1 remake in MediEvil. A reveal trailer launched ultimate night time at some point of PSX, confirming the hopes of the #ResurrectFortesque fan marketing campaign from in advance this 12 monthsit is uncertain if the game is a end result of the campaign, or if Sony had been planning it all alonghowever given the exceptional successthat Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy has enjoyed to datethere is honestly a demand for remasters from the PS1 technology.

right here's the trailer:
This MediEvil Remaster appears to be just the original game, which also got a PSP release as MediEvil Resurrection back in 2007. But this remaster will be a 4K re-imagining of the game many fans grew to love when it released in 1998. 
While it may not be MediEvil 3, it's still exciting to see the series make a comeback; and who knows. If fans show Sony the money, they'll probably get a MediEvil 3 in development.
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